bikehi !  welcome !  it is so good to see you .  sorry things are a bit of a mess but please make yourself at home !

this site is a gathering place for all of the work i do – a loosely curated group of images , writings , music , sound , and video pieces which , in the aggregate form the beginnings of a vision or a concept – or at least that is the idea .

i’m often left dissatisfied by the platforms we use to create and share our work with the world.  on social networks , connectivity and visibility comes at the cost of the ownership of one’s own content and even the confines of a small notebook or a musical instrument seem to constrict a vision even as they allow a pathway for its manifestation .  this is an imperfect solution to this issue :  a canvas that appears to be blank , a patch of digital ground that looks to be freshly turned , a great open space whose limits and dimensions are far enough from sight to be temporarily forgotten .  it is the hope that with this space i can toss around all the things i make and discover , draw on the walls of this space and spread myself out on the floor to get a sense of what i’m looking at .

thank you for staying in touch .